Station Map

Sailmaker Block

The street Lindenstrasse was founded in 1798, comprising the second section between the streets Breite Strasse and Mitteldeichstrasse towards the inland harbor. However, it was first built up as of 1850. In 1874, the residential house, the workshop and the warehouse of the sailmaking company Segelmacherei Block was built. Even today, the sign continues to make reference to the original function of the site. Indeed, in this very location, the in part formidable sails for the brigs, barques and fully-rigged ships of Brake were cut on the drawing floor beneath the ceilings and seamed together in the workshop. The load roller beneath the gable facilitated the transport of the heavy canvasses and other materials. Currently, the house serves as an example of a typical craftsman´s house in Brake towards the late 19th Century. [More]